Important Announcement

We are pleased to announce, we now open.
We are going to look a little different and have installed Screens and hand sanitizer stations.

If you would prefer a contact less delivery to the front of the shop we will do our best to accommodate you. Please call 01908 377 144 to arrange this.

Donaldson's Guns - Gunsmiths Milton Keynes

Established for over 20 years, we are a family run gun shop based in Milton Keynes and have over 40 years combined experience in the gun trade.
Here at Donaldson's our aim is to find the gun that is right for you.

You tell us which sort of gun you have in mind and, if you have a budget, we will advise you as to which gun would be the best suited for you. We refuse to give bad information or pressure you into buying any gun, we would rather you went away happy with your new gun knowing you have the right gun for you.

We stock over 300 different New & Used guns which include;

Beretta Shotguns

Beretta Have been making guns since 1527. With almost 500 years experience Beretta shotguns are among the most reliable and best value for money shotguns available today. We stock New and used examples which include the latest additions the Silver Pigeon One, Beretta DT10, Beretta 692 Sporting and the Beretta A400 Semi-auto Series.

Please see our latest Beretta shotguns for sale by clicking the button below.

Browning Shotguns

Browning have been making over and under shotguns for almost 100 years with the legendary handmade Browning B25, high quality materials and attention to detail made these guns extremely reliable and popular.

Today, Browning make a production version of the Browning B25 called the B525 and the latest model, the Browning B725, which incorporates the highest quailty components and attention to detail, but at a more affordable piece.

Howa Rifles

The Howa 1500 is one of our best value Centrefire rifles with well built materials and components. We have package deals including a scope, sound moderator and mounts from under £900.

Air Arms Air Rifles

Air Arms air rifles are made right here in the UK. Their range includes the Air Arms TX200 and the Pro Sport underlever spring air rifles both models are highly regarded in the target and hunting communities with the Pro Sport being by far the best looking spring gun on the market. The Air Arms S510 and Air Arms S410 are the Pre-charged models in the Air Arms range. Both models are very good looking, fairly light weight and reasonably priced.

CZ Rifles

The CZ 425 and The CZ 455 models are by far our best selling bolt action rimfire rifles, proven to be extremely accurate and finished to a good quality standard. Rifles start from as little as £375 and a Package Deal that starts at £535 including a scope, sound moderator, mounts and a bag. We hear so many people say "You just cant go wrong with a CZ."

Benelli Shotguns

Benelli semi-auto shotguns are one of the best semi-auto shotgun manufacturers in the world, with their inertia driven system it makes them lighter and more reliable than most other semi-auto shotguns on the market. We stock their latest additions which include the Benelli M2 and the Benelli Vinchi.

Weihrauch Air Rifles

Made in Germany, Weihrauch are a well proven and high quality air rifle manufacturer. Their spring break barrel range includes the HW99S, HW95 and the HW97K. The Weihrauch HW100 pre-charged air rifle range is our most popular pre charged option. It is easy to use, unbelievably quiet and features a 14-shot magazine.

BSA Air Rifles

BSA have been established for over 100 years, with their production based in Birmingham, their range includes the BSA Lightning range which are spring powered. They are compact, lightweight and feature a very effective silencer. The BSA Pre-charged range includes the BSA Ultra, which is compact and competitively priced which is available in a single shot spec or as a 10 shot multi-shot spec. The other BSA Pre-Charged range features their flagship model, the BSA R-10, which is a regulated extremely good looking pre-charged air rifle which is available in a Walnut or Synthetic stock, and both calibres.

Remington Rifles

The Remington 700 series was first released in 1962 and have been one of the most popular centerfire rifles ever since. During its many successful years, it has evolved into many different variations with different stocks and barrels. Today, the Remington 700 is still extremely popular, used for hunting and target shooting it is also used by military and police all over the world. We stock many Remington rifles including the Remington 700 SPS range, Tactical and Police range.