Rimfire Sound Moderators

Hausken Sound Moderator Cal .17 - .22


Hausken sound moderators are manufactured in Norway in hard-anodised, high quality aluminium for durability. Each moderator has two main parts. The baffles are machined from a solid aluminium bolt, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm or 70mm in diameter. Each moderator is fitted with an 18x1mm thread but, using the unique Hausken barrel nut conversion system, the thread is adapted to suit your rifle.


  • Diameter 35mm

  • Total Length 128mm

  • Diameter Inside Baffles/Calibres Available 6.5mm - .22 & .17

  • Weight 145gr

  • Fitting End Of Barrel



Stallon RC (Rimfire Core) Sound Moderator


Stalon RC,is a brand new moderator developed for small game hunting and shooting, from caliber

.17 to .22

The unique single core construction inside of Stalon RC is designed to reduce weight and noises to a remarkable level but also to simplify the process of cleaning and maintenance.

Wieght: 78g

Length: 120mm

Extension of weapon: 105mm

Diameter: 30mm

Colour: Black



The Wildcat Panther


The Wildcat Panther is the new Rimfire/HMR Moderator. The Panther can tame your WSM/WMR/Hornet and Fireball, both in .22 and .17 calibres. (17Hornet, 17 Ackley Hornet, 17Fireball/MachIV, 20Vartarg, 22 hornet, 22MachIV. So below about 20g powder)

Important Statistics:

Mostly black except the trade mark coloured internal Diffuser.
Total Length: 168mm
Forward: 112mm
Over-barrel: 55mm
Weight: 222g
Diameter: 38.3mm

Available in 1/2unf/1/2unef 14x1 and 15x1

A three part Moderator for easy strip, cleaning and maintenance.




A-tec Sound Moderator


Made in Norway these compact and lightweight sound moderators not only look great but also perform well.  Available in 1/2″ UNF and 1/2" UNEF thread it will fit the majority of .22 and .17 rimfire rifles